Hope Builder #3: Learn to Read the Best Book on Hope

The Bible is a book of hope. In it we see how God gives hope to desperate people living in difficult situations. Learn to read it for yourself and you’ll have a daily source of hope.

But many people don’t know how to read the Bible for themselves. Some feel insecure, and think only the experts can interpret the Bible for them. Others can’t get past the strange words, confusing customs and unfamiliar historical context. But the Bible is for you and it is relevant for today. You simply need the right tools to unearth its many treasures.

KW-cover-copy1My friend, Peter Krol, wrote an excellent book that can help. Knowable Word is a short book that provides the essential tools you need to navigate the Bible. Peter gives simple, clear steps for figuring out the meaning of any passage and discovering how it applies today. He even provides exercises at the end of each chapter so that you can practice.

Learn more about the book in this short video.

For those wanting to go deeper, check out Peter’s blog at knowableword.com

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